About Buck

Ruff!  I am Buck Arvanitis, a lucky Boston Terrier.  Why am I lucky?  My family rescued me and found me the perfect home where I have my own play yard, a place for my toys, and, of course, The Lady and The Man who take me for Walks and Sniffs in our nice neighborhood!

Not all dogs have it as good as I do.  Some pets don’t have a fenced area where they can run free, or a pool they can shed in until the drain gets clogged, or grass to do their business in.  Some dogs I know have to be on a leash whenever they leave their homes.  They never know the joy of barking at the squirrels all afternoon, chasing lizards in the grass or just lying on the patio in a sunbeam.  All dogs deserve to be Livin’ the Dream like me!

I have made it my mission to help those canines find the yard of their dreams.  The Lady and The Man help, too.  They feel so strongly about my mission, they have made me a member of TEAM ADVANTAGE.  Look!  There I am on the logo!

Check out my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/buckthebostonterrier/  to keep up with my adventures.

The Lady wrote a book about my adventures! You can buy your own copy! No, it doesn’t come with lizards. I am keeping all of those for myself!


Blogs by Buck

Buck the Dog on Buck’s New Home Dec 2, 2016 - Buck the Dog isn’t letting fame go to his head. Star of the recent book, Buck’s New Home, this Boston Terrier would rather cuddle up under a blanket on the sofa than walk the red carpet and sign autographs. But at his home in Ocala, Florida, Buck has become a neighborhood sensation – protector of … Continue reading Buck the Dog on Buck’s New Home
Buck’s Thanksgiving Nov 21, 2016 - The Lady started talking about Thanksgiving this week and asked me if I was getting excited. I wasn’t sure at first, she started talking about mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie in that excited tone of voice that makes my ears perk up, I couldn’t help but give an excited growl, but then, I learned … Continue reading Buck’s Thanksgiving
Join My Anti-Sweater Protest Nov 17, 2016 - It’s that time of year where Nice Ladies everywhere are flocking to pet stores in search of little cute sweaters for their dogs. I can’t help but notice that cats are not subjected to this same tortured practice. As much as I hate cats (they are really just bigger squirrels with thinner tails), it is … Continue reading Join My Anti-Sweater Protest