Seller Process

When TEAM ADVANTAGE takes on a client’s home to sell, the first thing we do is approach the home the way a prospective buyer would.  We offer the perspective of the buyer’s agent and can tell the seller what the buyer’s reaction to the home will likely be when they walk through the house.  We are not afraid to let the sellers know if we detect any off odors or if the home needs to be cleaned or items removed.  We lose time if we wait until the house is on the market for a couple of weeks and the FOR SALE sign is fading in the sun and then let the client know what might be sending potential buyers away. It is important to address any challenges right away!

TEAM ADVAN TAGE is very knowledgeable about home pricing and how to get the top value for your property.  We can show you how some relatively minor or cosmetic changes can net you sometimes twice what you invested!   George Sr. grew up in a family of home builders and knows the value of strategic renovations that don’t have to take a great deal of time to accomplish.

Linda is the expert at staging a home to make it look its finest for buyers, having learned tips from professional stagers.  She knows how to attract potential buyers and get them to linger in each room, imagining themselves living there.  Home presentation is everything in a hot real estate market.

Once your home is looking its very best, it’s time to call in the photographers.  We take hundreds of pictures to ensure that perfect shots appear in your brochures and on the selling websites.  A virtual tour via Paradym can get buyers to truly see themselves in the shot.

We do strategic open houses and broker open houses to get the word out about your home.  Getting listing information out into the neighborhood and beyond is also key, so we send out postcards and special feature cards, which we have found to be very effective.   Online marketing is changing all the time, and we keep up on the latest and hottest lists, including Home Books, RE/MAX, and even some obscure and global websites.  Digest of Homes is another valuable marketing medium, both in print and online.

When you go with TEAM ADVANTAGE to sell your property, get ready to move.  We have the knowledge, the skills and the drive to get you on the path to your next home.