Buyer Process

TEAM ADVANTAGE likes to hit the ground running.  To get ready to show clients properties, first we meet them in the office conference room all together.  We want to get a good relationship going, so we inquire about the client’s family, occupation, retirement wishes, and their dreams concerning the property we’ll be searching for.  We also discuss getting a lender on board, and have some recommendations if the client needs that.  Using the big screen we share out some potential properties right there, then go out and do some initial showings.

Providing the client with market statistics, including recent sold properties in their desired location and price range, allows them to get a good feel for the value point, which includes not only pricing but also the intrinsic worth of the property.  Everyone wants to know they got a good deal, but they also need to be happy with their purchase in the long run.  We help clients understand what a fair price to offer for a given property might be.  No one wants to pull into the driveway of their home with that new set of keys and regret that they spent too much, or that they settled for something they don’t really want just because it was a bargain.

We then present the offer to the listing agent, either online or directly.  Discussing other parameters, such as insisting on an inspection or money back from the seller for repairs, is essential.  Some sellers are more forgiving of a lower offer if no other conditions are put on it, but the buyer needs to be wary of a home with no stipulations that is not in really good condition.  On the other hand, we can forward an offer as-is with the right to inspect, which allows our client to walk away if the inspection report is filled with too many suggested repairs.  TEAM ADVANTAGE has the construction know-how to get buyers through this stage feeling confident that they made a great transaction.

Once the offer is accepted, it’s a matter of keeping pace with the steps in the buying process, including tracking the title company, lenders and buyer’s paperwork and maintaining close communication with all of them.  We keep to the timeline as much as possible and manage the transaction all the way through until the final walk-through, and place the keys in the hands of the clients.  We love making dreams a reality and ensuring that our buyers get their own perfect piece of Florida!