Near Ocala, Florida, lies “The City with Small Town Charm,” Belleview.  The name is an apt description of both the terrain and the town itself, which was built around what is now called Lake Lillian.  With only about 5,000 citizens and two square miles to its name, Belleview has packed in parklands and green spaces, including  Lake Lillian Park with its fishing dock, several picnic pavilions and a walking trail, Fred King Playground, built in less than a day by volunteers, and City Hall Park, the site of several annual events.  In addition, Belleview boasts an 80-acre Sports Complex and is currently working on a Splash Park.

Locals adore their Lake Lillian, the focal point of several annual events.  The requisite Easter Egg Hunt in spring, the fall Arts and Crafts/Heritage Event paying homage to lifestyles from the past, and Light Up Lake Lillian/Christmas Parade during the winter all serve to highlight the spirit of volunteerism that is a hallmark of any flourishing small town.  And the Community Pride Program organizers spotlight the specific areas around town where residents can refurbish the curb appeal and enhance the welcoming atmosphere nurtured here.  Come to Belleview to recapture that old-fashioned charm with all the modern amenities – the best of the past and the future!