Buck’s Thanksgiving

The Lady started talking about Thanksgiving this week and asked me if I was getting excited. I wasn’t sure at first, she started talking about mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie in that excited tone of voice that makes my ears perk up, I couldn’t help but give an excited growl, but then, I learned that those are all people foods that I turn my nose up to. I wish I liked those dishes, I know some other dogs do, like my cousin Mickey, aka Mr. Pigglesworth. HE’LL EAT ANYTHING! He couldn’t play it cool if he tried!  Give me MEAT! Fish, poultry, beef, pork! Load me up! That’s what makes me drool!

But as The Lady talked more about the upcoming festivities, I began hearing about a “turkey”. Well, NOW I am intrigued. I think this “turkey” is the kind of food I dig, but I have also heard we need to watch out for them because they could be IN MY BACKYARD cavorting with the lizards. I wonder if a turkey is some sort of lizard king. I saw a picture of a turkey and they have that weird thing on their neck which makes me think it must be some terrible lizard tracking device.  (I need to get one of those)

Now that I know what a turkey looks like, I am ON IT! I will present The Lady and The Man with the grandest Thanksgiving gift of all! A big fat lizard turkey! Oh, they will be so proud! I’ll even present a few pinecones as extra décor for the holiday, but…munch…crackle…chew… hmmm…maybe no pinecones…burp! The Lady frowns upon me eating them, just sayin’.

I just need to lie low in the brush behind our house like a lion in the Savannah, scouting for its prey. Then I can be ready to POUNCE if one of those stupid turkeys happens to enter my backyard. OR!  I can lure them in by modifying my Bostonian Bark into more of a gobble. HAHAHA!! Oh GLORIOUS!

I am really getting excited about Thanksgiving! I don’t think I will be waiting for The Lady to ask me if it is time to eat. All those smells comingling together! Ah!!! I think I am going to use my anti-gravity leaping skills and sneak a few morsels right off the counter.

If you are as obsessed with food as I am, read my book, Buck’s New Home. If you want to keep your tortilla chips – and those drumsticks – safe this holiday, you had better get prepared and learn about what I am up to. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. Hey! What’s that? Sluuuuuurp!!!!

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Buck's New Home

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