Finding a real estate agent that is investor friendly is not as simple as finding an agent to buy or sell the average home.
Real estate investing works under a different set of standards than buying or selling a home to live in, and it requires particular knowledge and a set of skills that not every Realtor possesses.
If you are considering real estate investing, we would love to assist you.

The Right Agent
Every real estate agent should know about buying and selling homes. Most agents work with people who want to buy a property to keep. In contrast, not as many agents are familiar with the process of using real estate as an investment option. You want your purchase to ultimately yield you a profit – something we are capable of assisting with.
Personal Investment Experience
Ideally, you want an agent who has done his or her own real estate investing. This ensures familiarity with investing on a personal level, not simply as an agent. We are also investors and therefore understand your motivations.

Experience Working With Investors
There is no substitute for an experienced agent when you are trying to make money buying real estate. You want an agent who has worked with other investors. If you are looking for the fastest path to success, experience is usually the way to go and we have it, both in our own personal investing and helping numerous other investors.

Honesty And Integrity
We are honest agents and will explain to you upfront what we can or cannot do for you. The best agent for you is one that lays everything on the table at the beginning, leaving you to decide if the fit is right. Integrity goes a long way in business, and should be a priority when picking a real estate agent for investing.

A Good Reputation With Other Investors
We have experience and numerous satisfied investors. We would be glad to put you in touch with them to discuss our services and ability.