About George Jr.

george-anthonyGeorge Anthony Arvanitis has two very different, yet highly qualified mentors who have his respect and admiration.  One is showing him the ropes in construction, renovation and home investment.  The other is teaching him the finer points of assisting clients in buying and selling real estate.  With many years in successful brokerage and construction experience between them, they are passing on their knowledge and skills to George Anthony – their son.

George is soaking in all this heritage and putting his own brand on the business he partners with his parents.  In addition to their expertise, he is also gaining knowledge from the Young Professionals Network, as well as getting involved in activities there, such as a major annual charity event.

The variety and multitasking involved in being a REALTOR® are a source of joy for George.  He especially revels in the opportunity to assist home sellers in getting their property ready for the market, including staging and competitive home pricing.  From his father, he has developed a deep understanding of the costs of a renovation or a new home build, and he is able to articulate that information to clients, meeting them at their level of construction awareness.

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George Anthony has learned the best of both worlds of real estate – the investment side and the listing aspect.  He has the knowledge and skill set to offer excellent client care to both sellers and buyers, to those needing advice on potential renovations and to clients who need move-in ready properties.  George Anthony is in the zone.  Let him bring that dreamed-of transaction to reality for you.